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All of my questions were answered whenever I called. Mr. Norton gave me his personal cell phone number and said to call him if I did not reach him or someone at his office that could help. I thanked him and he said that most of his clients have his cell number if they just ask the secretary. He said “I work for you” and that he wants to be available. My case was not very big but I thought he treated me and my case like they were important. From talking to him for a little while I learned that Mr. Norton has a lot of kids (like 8 or 9) and that family and treating others like he wants to be treated are important to him. I feel like Mr. Norton would make things right if anyone ever had a problem with anything or his staff. I would certainly trust this law firm with my family stuff in the future although I hope I am never in another accident.

by Mark M.
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I had a good experience with this law firm. While I met with one attorney, I was told that every case would have two attorneys working on it, a partner and an associate. I never had a problem reaching either of my attorneys. The lawyers helped me get my car paid for and even money for a rental car that I did not get (I think they called it lost use of my car). I did not have to pay anything for the help on my car. I did not have health insurance so I had bills from the emergency room and a hard time paying for therapy after. My lawyer asked the emergency room to wait for our settlement before sending me to collections and he gave me the name of three places that might treat me and wait to get paid out of the settlement. Because of all of my bills, it was hard to get my case settled and I did not really want to file a lawsuit. Mr. Norton offered to cut his fees so that I would get enough money and he talked the doctors and hospital into taking less on their bills. I was a little worried about getting money because my hospital bill was over $10,000 alone but everything worked out really well for me. Everyone was so nice at the law firm that I would definitely recommend them.

by Jenny J.

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