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Denver injury attorneyA broken bone is a common injury but it is not always a simple injury–in fact, for some people it can be catastrophic. While many broken limbs heal easily and naturally, an elderly person’s broken hip in a slip-and-fall accident, for example, is often a life-changing injury that can destroy someone’s ability to live independently. And if you re-break the same bone or break a bone near or at the site of a previous injury, other complications can ensue. If you break a bone in an auto accident – or in any accident caused by another person’s negligence in the Denver area – take your case at once to an experienced Denver injury attorney at the law firm of Norton and Bowers, P.C.


The Denver personal injury attorneys at Norton and Bowers, P.C. represent clients who have suffered from broken bones as a result of an accident. Many accidents can lead to broken bone injuries including but not limited to:

  • Car or motorcycle accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Slip and fall (premises liability cases)
  • Construction site accidents
  • Dog attacks

The severity of the injury varies greatly depending on the type of accident. However, some of the most common broken bone injuries that can occur include:

  • Finger or toes
  • Hands or feet
  • Pelvic bones
  • Ribs
  • Necks
  • Jaw or other facial bones
  • Leg bones, including the thigh, knee cap or shin
  • Forearm, upper arm or elbow bones

How can you spot an injury? Look for signs of swelling or tenderness. If you experience pain and have trouble moving that part of your body, don’t attempt to. Always seek medical attention immediately before testing out your mobility on your own. Serious bone fractures may show signs of bruising or discoloration in the area. Larger bone fractures often make the individual feel nauseous or faint. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

Although some broken bones can heal quickly, others lead to greater complications. For example, certain bone fractures can severely affect the quality of your life and prevent you from moving around with ease. Not only can will this affect your ability to work and earn an income, but it will also damage your self-esteem.

Some broken bones may not heal without the help of surgery or physical therapy. These treatments can be time-consuming not to mention costly, especially when the victim is unable to work at the same time.

If you have been injured in an accident and suffered broken bones as a result, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced broken bone lawyers at Norton and Bowers, P.C.


If you’re suffering from a broken bone as a result of an accident, you may be entitled to compensation from the at fault party’s insurance company. Although each case varies greatly, a number of factors may go into consideration when determine whether you are entitled to compensation and how much you should receive. But, you should never negotiate with insurance companies without the help of a lawyer who has years of experience in personal injury law.

Having sound medical evidence that shows your injury will work in your favor. Document all evidence that you have that shows your injury, how much you have paid and the suffering that you have endured. You may be entitled to compensation for the medical bills that you have had to pay as a result of the accident.

Besides compensation for medical bills, you may also receive compensation for lost wages if your injury has affected your ability to work. In this case, you may be asked to prove that you have not been able to work, and submit evidence showing your income prior to the injury.

Compensation for medical bills and lost wages are easy to calculate compared to other kinds that pay for emotional damages. One of these other types of compensation that may also be awarded to the victim is to account for pain and suffering. This compensation is typically only awarded if the injury is deemed serious and has greatly impacted the victim’s life. If the victim lived a very active lifestyle prior the accident, and has not been able to maintain this same lifestyle as a result of the accident, the victim may also be awarded loss of quality of life damages.

If the victim has a history of fracturing the bone in question, the damages may go down since there was a factor that made that bone weaker and prone to injury.

If you or a loved one have suffered a broken bone injury because of an accident, contact the experienced team of Denver broken bone lawyers at Norton and Bowers, P.C. as soon as possible. The quicker that you begin to work with a personal injury attorney, the sooner that you will have someone to defend you rights and work to receive compensation for your injury.


Will a broken shoulder damage your ability to work? Will multiple fractures mean that you’ll need in-home assistance? If so, for how long? At Norton and Bowers, P.C. our familiarity with the medical dimensions of your broken bone or multiple fractures gives you a head start toward recovering the compensation you need. Sometimes to prevail in personal injury cases, it’s important to relate the injury to your unique personal circumstances and responsibilities – to show clearly and precisely how the injury has negatively impacted you and your life. Our personal injury lawyers can do that on your behalf.


We work to protect and maximize the value of your personal injury claim. For more information about our experience with accident cases involving broken bones, or for legal advice, contact an experienced Denver injury attorney at Norton and Bowers, P.C. We serve clients on a contingency fee basis. This means there is no attorney’s fee until we recover for you. If you’ve suffered broken bones or other injuries because of someone else’s negligence in Denver or anywhere in the state of Colorado, call us now at 303-400-8100 or fill out the form on this website to arrange a free consultation. You’ll be able to speak directly to an attorney about your case. Offsite, weekend, and evening appointments are also available with a personal injury lawyer. If you’re injured in Colorado because of someone else’s negligence, let Norton and Bowers, P.C. go to work for you as quickly as possible. Seek representation today to take the first step towards reaching the settlement you deserve.

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