Pictures of a Car Accident Scene Can Help Provide Evidence For Your Claim

The first thing that you need to do after a car accident is to call for medical help. Make sure that you, and anybody else in your vehicle that was injured, get medical help. If your injuries are not too severe, and don’t require emergency room treatment, then you may remain at the scene of the accident, and wait for the police to arrive. While you are doing this, you can also take pictures of the accident scene. Pictures can provide important evidence of the damage to your car, as well as the causes of the accident, and provide clues to the cause of the accident.

Here’s how you can take effective pictures that actually add value to your car accident claim.

Take pictures of the entire accident scene. Take pictures from different angles.

Take pictures of debris at the scene of the accident. Take photographs of tire skid marks at the scene. These can provide vital clues to the cause of the accident.

If there were traffic features at the scene of the accident, take pictures of these as well. Photograph the other car or other vehicles involved in the accident.

Photograph the injuries that you and the occupants of your car suffered in the accident. Remember, if you delay taking pictures, the accident scene gets cleared, and any evidence that could have provided value to your claim, is lost forever.

To get started filing a claim, speak to a Denver car accident lawyer. You may be eligible for compensation that includes medical expenses and lost wages. Discuss with a Denver car accident lawyer.

By: Dallas Norton

Dallas Norton, the founding partner of Norton & Bowers, has practiced law with a focus on personal injury since 1992. Mr. Norton has extensive Colorado roots including grade school in Arvada and high school in Denver. He earned his J.D. from Brigham Young University Law School in 1991. When working on behalf of clients, Mr. Norton draws upon his extensive background in psychology and human resources.