Many Motorists Tweet While Driving

Texting while driving is bad enough, but a person is likely to be much more distracted when using social media while driving. A new study finds that many people use social media networking sites, like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter while they are at the wheel. Such use also includes the taking of selfies and uploading them right driving.

This information came from a survey that was commissioned by AT&T recently. The survey found that many people admitted to using the social networking site Twitter “ all the time.” 27% of drivers between the age of 16 and 65 reported that they used Facebook frequently while driving, with 14% admitted to using Twitter. However, among those who admitted to using Twitter at the wheel, 30% admitted to using it all the time.

Many motorists also admitted to using video chat while driving. As many as one in 10 admitted to frequently using such video chat services while driving.

Some of these activities are actually much more distracting than texting while driving. Not only is distracted driving becoming an epidemic, but the scope of distracting activities is becoming wider, with many people now admitting to a wide variety of activities involving electronic devices while at the wheel.

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By: Dallas Norton

Dallas Norton, the founding partner of Norton & Bowers, has practiced law with a focus on personal injury since 1992. Mr. Norton has extensive Colorado roots including grade school in Arvada and high school in Denver. He earned his J.D. from Brigham Young University Law School in 1991. When working on behalf of clients, Mr. Norton draws upon his extensive background in psychology and human resources.