Can a Low-Impact Accident Result in Brain Injury?

It’s important for both plaintiffs as well as their Denver brain injury attorneys to understand that the low-impact defense is very often used by defendants to nullify a brain injury claim. Often, defendants claim that the brain injury could not have been caused in the accident because the accident was a low-speed, low-impact accident. However, statistics do indicate that brain injuries can occur even in accidents that are caused when the vehicle was traveling at just 25 miles an hour.

In a low-speed accident, there may be very little damage to the vehicle. The lack of significant property damage may be used by defendants and the insurer to claim that your injuries were not the result of the accident at all, because of the negligible amount of damage that was caused to your car. Such defenses are frequently seen by Denver brain injury attorney.

If you have suffered any kind of head injury in an accident, even when the crash was not a high-speed accident, get medical help immediately. Get a complete medical checkup to ascertain that there are no underlying injuries that you are not aware of. Get yourself checked out even if your car did not sustain massive property damage in the accident. Remember, failure to get any kind of medical help can also be used by the defendant as proof that the injuries are not serious or did not exist at all.

For more help filing a claim after a brain injury, speak to a Denver brain injury attorney.

By: Dallas Norton

Dallas Norton, the founding partner of Norton & Bowers, has practiced law with a focus on personal injury since 1992. Mr. Norton has extensive Colorado roots including grade school in Arvada and high school in Denver. He earned his J.D. from Brigham Young University Law School in 1991. When working on behalf of clients, Mr. Norton draws upon his extensive background in psychology and human resources.