Alcohol and Teen Car Accidents

Alcohol is a major contributing factor to teen car accidents in the Denver area. A new study indicates the reason for this. It finds that teenagers very often ride in cars operated by drunk drivers.

As many as 30% of the teen respondents in a recent study admitted to having traveled in a car operated by a drunk driver at least once in the previous 12 months. Approximately 25% of teenagers the survey also admitted that they were willing to ride in a car with a driver, who had been drinking alcohol. If you were involved in an accident, speak to a Denver car accident lawyer for help filing a claim.

It’s not that the teenagers were not aware that riding with a drunk driver could be dangerous, and increased the likelihood that they would be involved in an accident. The study which was partly conducted by Mothers against Drunk Driving and State Farm Insurance found that teenagers too often were willing to make the choice to ride in a car with a drunk driver. Teens seemed willing to accept a ride from a drunk driver if the situation came up, and if there was no other option.

However, there was some good news from the study as well. More than 90% of the teenagers admitted that they would discuss the risks of traveling in a car operated by a drunk driver with family and friends. 70% of the teenagers in the study also admitted that they did not fear any change in their friendships if they spoke about against riding with an intoxicated driver.

Teenagers are a high-risk group of motorists, and are more likely to be involved in an accident, compared to other categories of motorists, including senior drivers.

If you were injured in accident involving a teen motorist, speak to a Denver car accident lawyer for help filing a claim for compensation.

By: Dallas Norton

Dallas Norton, the founding partner of Norton & Bowers, has practiced law with a focus on personal injury since 1992. Mr. Norton has extensive Colorado roots including grade school in Arvada and high school in Denver. He earned his J.D. from Brigham Young University Law School in 1991. When working on behalf of clients, Mr. Norton draws upon his extensive background in psychology and human resources.